One of the BEST Weight Loss Tips: Stop Being a Martyr!

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What is One of the BEST Weight Loss Tips?? Check this out!

When I die I hope the people at the funeral (if anyone comes) spend a good hour laughing about all the cool and crazy shit I did. When I die, I hope people celebrate the funny things I did and forget about all the mistakes I made along the way.

And am I one hard working diva who goes balls to the walls most days? You bet I am!  But do I care if anyone notices?  Nope.

The thing is, when we die, well, it’s over. Kaput.  We don’t get to reflect on our days gone by and come back for a do-over.  We don’t get to have a second run at the gauntlet to finish all that stuff we penciled on our bucket list 25 years ago.

Weight Loss Tips 101: We get one kick at the can my friends.  Only one, so make it good.

weight loss tipsSo, then why oh why do we scurry through our days, hustle through our coffee breaks, skip lunch, opt for “wash-and-wear” hair do’s and “practical pants” giving our ALL to the greater good of the world?  Sure, don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be a hard worker, a giving person and a compassionate human being, but it’s also important to take a few minutes each day to devote to ourselves.  Our one and only. Our “ME”.  If you take heed of any of the weight loss tips on my blog, pick this one.  It’s important.

Don’t, for the Love of <insert preferred deity here> become a victim of the Martyr Mentality!

And what do I mean by Martyr Mentality?  Well, the answer is one of the greatest weight loss tips out there!!

Check out this video to see if you fall into the Martyr Mentality group.


What this all boils down to is the fact that at the end of the day you cannot contribute much to society, or other peoples’ lives, much less your own if you don’t take time to do good things for yourself.  Sacrificing your own needs for everyone else is a great way to experience burn out at your job, lose that passion for your own life, and become seriously unhealthy in both an emotional and physical way.  The world isn’t going to come to a screeching halt if you stop the work for an hour to get your sweat on.

Nothing is so important that you need to sacrifice your health for it. And if you are someone who is in this position, maybe it’s time to sit down and figure out where you can find 30 minutes to squeeze a workout in.  You will feel better, you will be more productive, you will be able to handle stress better, and your doctor will thank you too.

And to add to”Weight Loss Tips 101″ is the fact that you’ll likely be far  happier throughout the day if you DO take some time in the day for a workout.

Cheers to creating your own destiny!

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