One Big Weight Loss Tip to See Results

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I am a creature of habit.  I thrive on structure and routine. I can go days eating the same thing, and I get annoyed if my daily routine is disrupted too many days in a row.  Although I’m a little on the free spirited end of the spectrum, I do like a certain amount of predictability and structure in my life.  And while that’s good, it does make it challenging when I need to make changes in my life.

I think change can be scary for a lot of us.  What we know–makes us feel safe and comfortable.  And as we get older it’s easy to get into a safe, comfortable routine of doing things.  We cook a certain way, we thrive with certain hobbies.  We just “do” things our way.  And yes, that’s okay, but when the time comes when we want to achieve different results–like losing weight–it’s not always to muster up the courage or strength to make the changes necessary to see those goals through.

But, as the old saying goes, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

It’s really true, isn’t it.

Then why don’t we follow our own advice?  Often I hear people talk about the fact that they want to lose weight yet they still eat basically the same food and do essentially the same workout routine.

If you want to see results, one big tip that I can share with you is to break out of that comfort zone and try something new.  Adopt the mindset that change IS good, and don’t be afraid to get out there and make drastic changes to your lifestyle, your diet and your behavior.

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll see the same results.  This one weight loss tip can really help.

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Here are some examples of this weight loss tip (big and small) that you can make in your life, starting today:

  • Eat breakfast if you aren’t already.  Sure, your body might not be hungry for breakfast if you aren’t used to eating it, but eat something anyway.
  • And if you do eat breakfast, eat something different.  Still eating toast and coffee for breakfast?  Try a couple of eggs with some sweet potato and spinach.  yes, it’s different, but that’s what we’re going for.
  • Enter a 5 k race that is taking a few months from now and start training for it today.
  • Check out a zumba class in your neighborhood.
  • Do a workout that you struggle with.  Sure, it’s challenging, but that is where the magic happens.
  • Say NO to someone who offers you an unhealthy drink or treat.
  • Skip the desert table when you go out to dinner.
  • Instead of watching tv every night, pick 2 or 3 nights to go for a walk instead.

As you can see, the changes can be small ones, but in the end, they will add up.  Before long you will see some results and it will get easier to do different things to see new results. Your body and your mindset will see progress.

If you found value in this weight loss tip I would LOVE it if you shared and left a comment!

Cheers to your success!


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