Creating The Best Shakeology Weight Loss Plan

shakeology weight loss plan

5 Shakeology Weight Loss Plan Tips

I see a lot of commentary online and in my life about the nutrition protein shake, Shakeology.  A lot of people love it, yet a lot of people are very skeptical about it.

Today, I want to give you my thoughts about Shakeology and help you make an informed decision to create your own Shakeology weight loss plan.

What is Shakeology?

shakeology weight loss planShakeology is essentially a nutrition shake. I don’t really call it a protein shake, even though there is a healthy dose of lean protein in it.  If you were to go to a health food store and buy a container of whey isolate protein powder, you are generally only getting straight protein, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Shakeology is a bit different.  Even though it has a comparable amount of protein in it, it also has a whole host of other things, including a wack of super foods, minerals & nutrients that will blow your mind.  Check out the video below to see what it’s all about:




Is Shakeology specifically a “weight loss” shake?

There are a lot of shakes and other products on the market are specifically designed to help you lose weight. They often have ingredients like green tea extract or chromium that aid in the weight loss process.  Shakeology does not have any specific ingredients like this in it.  However, it DOES help you lose weight.

Shakeology is made up of straight dense nutrition, and that’s why it works.  With our busy lifestyles we often run from activity to activity all day long, skipping meals or grabbing quick snacks that can be eaten on the go.  In many cases we aren’t getting the proper nutrition in that our bodies need, and that is why we don’t have the energy we need to do a good workout, and that’s also why we have trouble losing weight.  It’s also one big reason why we struggle with bad cravings all the time. If we put crap into our bodies on a daily basis, our bodies not only get hooked on sugar and processed foods, they also keep craving food to try and get that nutrition they are lacking.

Enter Shakeology.  So even though Shakeology doesn’t necessarily have a weight loss ingredient in it, it DOES work because it has such great dense nutrition in it.  By giving your body the nutrition it needs, you will have more energy throughout the day (for regular day to day activities AND your workouts), you will feel better in general, and you won’t be a slave to your cravings either.  And by just putting decent nutrition into your body, you will set the stage for optimal health and long term weight loss.

Why People are Reluctant to Buy it:

I think people are initially reluctant to invest in Shakeology for a couple of reasons.

The Quick Fix Dilemma. We have seen soooo many “quick fix”, “magic pill” gimmicks over the years that when something like Shakeology comes out, we are immediately skeptical.  We hear how people are getting tremendous success and it’s easy to think that it’s just BS, or a hoax.  The thing is though, the people here who are having success are ONLY having that success because they are using Shakeology as a TOOL to make other great things happen in their lives.  They still work their asses off. Shakeology just gives them the energy to do it, keeps them healthy in the long term, and helps them manage their appetite and cravings.  It doesn’t replace hard work though.

The MLM myth.  Many people are skeptical of ANYTHING sold in a network marketing company.  If the housewife down the street is selling it, it must be crap, right?  However, if a bulky guy at GNC is promoting it, it must be gold, right?  No, not right.  Here’s the deal.  Business has changed DRASTICALLY over the last 5 years.  Marketing experts now know that people tend to look to their peers FAR MORE than anyone for advice and guidance regarding what to buy.  So, if you want to lose weight and get healthy, the first thing that many people will do is ask their friends and family what has worked for them.  Enter MLM and Shakeology.  Who is going to work harder to promote a product?  Someone who is just putting in time at his minimum wage job or someone who has used the product, had great success with it and believes in it?  Yep, you got it, Susie the house wife on Mysteria Lane is a far better choice to market a product than someone in a regular store. She’s going to bust her ass every single day to share her story about how that product has helped her.  And that is why you don’t see Shakeology on a shelf in a store. Not because it’s a crap product, but because it just makes good marketing sense.  Don’t be wary of products sold in network marketing companies. Many of them are great products and the leaders of the companies are just using a different way to share their wares.

The price.  But it’s sooo damned expensive!  Yep, for a regular Canadian who doesn’t get the discount, one bag of Shakeology (after taxes and shipping) works out to be about $170.  Sure, that’s enough to incite cardiac arrest on the spot, but just hear me out here.  First of all, if you really do like the stuff and want to get it every month, there is a GREAT way to get it much cheaper, without having to hound your friends or family or sell your first-born.  I get my Shakeology at about $139/month.  Let’s round that up to $140.  That’s 30 meals.  If you do the math, that works out to be about $4.60/meal, which isn’t actually that much, considering the nutrition you get with it.  You can’t even buy a grande latte for that.  When you’re on the run and need a solid breakfast or supper when you’re heading to soccer practice, you can spend your four bucks and know that you’re putting something in your body that is GOOD. You will know that you aren’t eating yourself into an early grave.

Why do I buy it?

I’m going to be honest with you.  If you are a skeptic, I was just like you at one point.  I am cheap as hell and I HATE spending my money on garbage. And I don’t like being hosed for a crap product either.  I tried Shakeology and initially choked on the price, just like many of you.  Eventually though, I noticed how damn good it made me feel.  I noticed that I lost that sluggish, lethargic feeling I had throughout the day.  I realized that when I use it regularly, I am not a slave to my cravings.  I used to spend EVERY NIGHT eating myself into a chocolate and cracker induced-coma, but no more.  Now I can function throughout the night and not be consumed of thoughts of snacking all night.

I am no longer a slave to my cravings and I finally feel like I am in control of my diet and my life.

I got over the price.  I realized how effing EASY it is to hit the grocery store and spend $150 on pure crap, all of which filled 2 little grocery bags.  And now that I use Shakeology on a regular basis, I’m not blowing that $150 on crap like I used to, because I don’t crave it.  You’re still going to spend that $140.00. Why not spend it on something decent that is going to make you healthy?

It tastes freaking fantastic.  I use the chocolate flavor and my go-to recipe is to put 1 scoop of Shakeology in 1 cup of cashew milk along with a banana, a bit of natural peanut butter and about 8 ice cubes.  It makes up a super thick creamy shake that is pure chocolate heaven.  Man it’s good!

So, without further adieu, here are Five Shakeology Weight Loss Plan Tips That will Help You!

  1. If you are somebody who tends to skip breakfast, use Shakeology as your quick fix.  It’s fast, it’s easy and it is super tasty.  It takes literally 5 minutes to throw the ingredients in the blender and voila, you’re good to go. Throw it in your shaker cup and hit the road.  You will find that by just adding a really good breakfast that has a good source of nutrition/protein in it, you will be setting your body up for success.  Having breakfast boosts your metabolism and also gives your blood sugar a fighting chance of staying more leveled out through the day. It will also prevent you from making crappy food choices later on too, as your body will get that dense nutrition that it needs right off the bat.
  2. Use it when you have that sweet craving in the mid-afternoon.  I work a desk job throughout the day and find that when 3 oclock hits I often crave sweets. In the past I would cave and have a chocolate bar, but nowadays I just have my chocolate PB and banana Shakeology.  And that is IF I even crave anything. When I use Shakeology on a regular basis my cravings don’t bother me like they used to.
  3. Use Shakeology to make energy bites or little protein bars. Yep, you got it, you can do some cool things with Shakeology, including making energy bars and neat desserts.  This is fantastic news as now you have some options for “fun treats” that are totally guilt free–which will help keep you on track with your diet plan. Click here for some cool recipes.
  4. Keep some Shakeology in your car/purse/backpack for emergencies.  If you’re on the run and think you might need a quick snack or meal in a place where there aren’t any healthy options–this can be a total lifesaver.  Instead of caving to that pumpkin spice scone, throw this in your shaker cup and keep the hunger at bay without buying something that is just going to derail your progress or give you a stomach ache.
  5. Enjoy the benefits!  Yes, like I mentioned earlier, it’s pricey. I get that.  But once you use it for a while and see how freaking good it makes you feel, how much energy you have and it makes you feel more ‘in control’ of your diet, you will be happy that you gave it a try.  Your health is an investment–and honestly, a good one.  You are worth the money, time and effort it takes to be healthy.

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