Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and the Vitamix Blender

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead to lose weight So this morning my house is a mess and I’ve got a million things to do.  What’s new eh.  The story of my life. But it’s all good eh.  I like being busy and today is a good day.  Any day that you wake up and there…

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Are workout programs the key to success?

Ahhh workout programs…. So, it’s about 7:41 pm on a Thursday night.  I’ve relaxed in the tub.  I’ve got my comfy clothes on and a glass of wine on the go.  Yes, I said wine.  I know this is a fitness blog, but hey, a girl has to have a glass of wine once in…

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Not Losing Weight?

What if You’re Not Losing Weight? Not losing weight can be super frustrating, especially when you work and work and you jump on the scale and it says you’re STILL not losing weight!  Days like that can make you really want to throw in the towel. Or punch somebody in the face.  Whichever comes first.…

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