Creating The Best Shakeology Weight Loss Plan

shakeology weight loss plan

5 Shakeology Weight Loss Plan Tips I see a lot of commentary online and in my life about the nutrition protein shake, Shakeology.  A lot of people love it, yet a lot of people are very skeptical about it. Today, I want to give you my thoughts about Shakeology and help you make an informed…

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Core De Force: The Low Down

core de force

I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I heard about this program.  I have always loved the martial arts elements of the P90X and Les Mills Combat programs, so I knew this one would appeal to me. Now that I’ve had a chance to try it out, here are my thoughts about the…

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The All-Access Package: Now you can find the best Beachbody Program for you!

Losing Weight & Getting Fit Has Just Gotten Easier! If you’re like me, you like to mix things up with your workouts and get some variety in your routines. Plus it’s just nice to try different workouts, right? Well, Carl Daikeler and the top guns at Beachbody have made it so you can do just…

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Cheesecake & Flu Bugs

  January 4th. I survived Christmas. Barely. They always say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.  And I agree, it’s pretty damned great.  The music, the shopping, the family rolling into town. Okay, the booze. This year, Christmas was hectic. And nuts.  Okay a lot nuts.  Like Seinfeld nuts. I eased…

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Life Over 40

Life over 40

What the Hell Happens AFTER You Turn 40??  I used to be a high school teacher, back in the day.  I’d teach kids about the constitution, the Riel Rebellion, the government.  I used to stand up in front of the class, thinking that I was doing all sorts of great things for these kids, filling…

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One Big Weight Loss Tip to See Results

lose weight

I am a creature of habit.  I thrive on structure and routine. I can go days eating the same thing, and I get annoyed if my daily routine is disrupted too many days in a row.  Although I’m a little on the free spirited end of the spectrum, I do like a certain amount of…

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Learn How to Empower Yourself & Make Money from Home

Taking the First Step to Creating Your Own Destiny If you could be whatever you wanted, who would you be? If you could do whatever you wanted, what would you do? I think sometimes, those questions get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  We get so busy scrounging for money to put…

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Why We Struggle With Even the Best Fitness Programs

best fitness programs

If I had a dollar for every time I vowed to myself that THIS would be the last time I struggled with my weight, or tried a new weight loss gimmick, or went to bed hating myself for being overweight–I’d be richer than Oprah. Losing weight is a national pastime it seems.  We read about…

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The WHY Behind
MOMpreneur Fitness


When I take a few minutes to sit and think about where I am today and look back at I came from, I am often quite amazed. I am a Mom.  I am an entrepreneur.  And I am doing something that I’ve always wanted to do, but never thought I would. And everything I’ve done…

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Luck Favors the Prepared

Ahh yes, I’m writing from bed again.  I’d say I get my best work done in bed, but well, that would give you a slightly different impression of myself than I’m trying to portray… 😉 It’s been a busy day, and sleep is eminent. I have decided that tomorrow I will start my new diet…

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One of the BEST Weight Loss Tips: Stop Being a Martyr!

weight loss tips

What is One of the BEST Weight Loss Tips?? Check this out! When I die I hope the people at the funeral (if anyone comes) spend a good hour laughing about all the cool and crazy shit I did. When I die, I hope people celebrate the funny things I did and forget about all…

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Lose the Weight by Doing This!

lose the weight

Lose the Weight by Doing this One Simple Thing! Yep, it’s safe to say that life is busy.  I totally get that.  These days I often feel like I”m running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Seriously.  Except I don’t look that great in feathers.  And I don’t taste good basted or…

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What’s Holding You Back from Having Success with Your Weight Loss Program?

Weight Loss Program Not Working? Well, it’s the beginning of January and we all know what that means! Resolutions! Goals! Credit Card Bills!! (okay that last one has nothing to do with weight loss, but it’s kinda true eh).  Christmas packs a punch in more ways than one, and not just around the waistline either.…

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Fallen off the Wagon? Get back on track!

Have You Fallen Off the Wagon? Yeah, Christmas is a bugger eh.  The chocolates, the wine, the appetisers…did I mention the chocolates?  It can be a real caloric circus.  Between the dainties at the staff room and the chips at the neighborhood parties….it’s really a wonder we don’t gain MORE weight!  Hey, everyone’s doing it,…

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Get Healthy Today, and Everyday: A day for renewal

get healthy

Get Healthy With Me Well…. it’s my birthday today!! Yahooo!! Break out the candles and the champagne!! I’m 25 years old *cough* *cough*  Well, I’m 25’ish…… I love birthdays, and I make no beans about telling people that it’s my special day. Years ago I would pussy foot around the whole affair, tip toe through…

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