Life Over 40

Life over 40

What the Hell Happens AFTER You Turn 40??

 I used to be a high school teacher, back in the day.  I’d teach kids about the constitution, the Riel Rebellion, the government.  I used to stand up in front of the class, thinking that I was doing all sorts of great things for these kids, filling their wee little minds with wisdom that would help them achieve great things in their lives.

And while I think all that is important, I do think that there are a whole number of other things that we need to teach our kids, and while I don’t have time to tell you ALL of my ideas about the current curriculum, I’d like to share a few with you here today.

I wish someone had told me what life would be like for me, AFTER I turned 40.

Yes, I am over 40.  I tell everyone I am 25 years old, but in reality, I am 46 and I will admit, that number has rattled me a bit.  I have been experiencing a few “aha” moments lately that have made me realize that not only am I getting older, but that it is VITAL that I work to keep my body and mind in shape so I can use it (and function) well into old age.  I also REFUSE to go down without a fight.  Just because I am over 40 it does NOT mean that I will not do what it takes to be the energetic, active, sexy fox I am today. BUT, things change after 40, and if we don’t acknowledge the beast, then how can we fight it, right?

This is a list of some of the things that would be in that class….in no particular order. 

And since I’m a woman and have literally no idea what men experience, I guess this would be an “all girls” class.

Life After 40…101

  1. Your chin suddenly will turn into a rapid growing chia pet.  If you don’t know what a chia pet is…Google it.  It’s not good.
  2. You MAY be less inclined to say stupid shit in public. Unless you’re related to me, then there is no guarantee on this one.
  3. You think about food, you gain weight.
  4. You walk past a food table, you gain weight.
  5. You breathe, you gain weight.
  6. Your flexibility suddenly resembles that of the Tin Man.
  7. You stop giving less of a shit what people around you think of you.  This is a good thing.
  8. You drink beer, you gain weight.
  9. You still get pimples, even though you aren’t a teen. Wrinkles and pimples all in the same day.  It’s great. Not.
  10. You suddenly start farting at the most inopportune times. This can be good or bad, your call.
  11. Losing weight is not nearly as easy or as fun as gaining it.  That weight is here to stay.
  12. Numbers like your blood pressure and cholesterol become more important than numbers like your golf score.
  13. Problems that seemed huge years ago don’t seem as bad. Experience and perspective is a wonderful thing.
  14. You have a better idea of who you are.
  15. You sleep, you gain weight.
  16. Experiencing life becomes more important than watching from the sidelines.
  17. You realize that your body is your temple, your home, and sometimes you gotta do reno’s.
  18. You may be less inclined to put up with other peoples’ shit.

So ya, this was just a fun list, but you get the point. Life does change over 40, and I never had any idea how drastic the change would be. Your hormones go out of wack, your body does funky things, but there is also a brighter side too. I think you become more in tune with who you are, what you want, and what you are willing to put up with.

I think many of us though, think that we have to let go of our health and our fitness as it slowly slips out of our grasp.  But here’s the deal. We don’t have to let go of it–we just have to work harder, hold on tighter.

I, for one, plan on holding on to my health and fitness for a very long time. A very long time.

You with me?

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Cheers to your success!


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