Laps 4 Life was created in 2013 to support Manitoba families affected by a rare, terminal disease called Batten Disease.

Batten Disease is a rare neurological disorder that has different types depending on the gene that is affected. All Manitoba children have Late Infantile Batten Disease, meaning that they grew up appearing perfectly healthy until about age 4 (sometimes later). Then they began having trouble forming their words, started stumbling, and started having seizures. Children with Late Infantile Batten Disease gradually go blind, lose the ability to walk and talk, and become mentally impaired. This disease is always fatal and there is no cure.

Since Batten Disease is so rare and progresses so rapidly families often have a difficult time accessing the vital equipment needed to care for their children.  Families may not qualify for funding for equipment, or even if they do, the disease often progresses so quickly that the child often loses the ability to use that piece of equipment before it is provided.  Batten children require 24/7 care as well, which generally means that one parent must leave their place of employment to care for their child. For these reasons, all of the proceeds from the L4L initiatives went directly to the families to help them with the costs associated with caring for their child.