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When I take a few minutes to sit and think about where I am today and look back at I came from, I am often quite amazed.

I am a Mom.  I am an entrepreneur.  And I am doing something that I’ve always wanted to do, but never thought I would.

And everything I’ve done and learned up until this point has somehow contributed to my success here.

Funny how life works eh.

This is going to be a blog of stories. I’ll tell you that now.  I’m big into stories.  I have a million, and so do you.  Stories are how we share and learn and grow.  Stories are what bind us together and help us move forward.  They teach us, empower us, and make us feel things that nothing else can.

So Why Did I Create MOMpreneur Fitness?

Years ago when I was a kid I remember telling my Dad that I wanted to be a motivational speaker when I grew up.  I didn’t exactly know what a motivational speaker was.  I just knew they got up on stage, said cool things, helped people and got paid for it.  I had no idea how they made money or built a career out of it, but it seemed like a pretty cool thing to do.  As the years passed by I tucked that dream away in my back pocket, but I never really forgot about it.

fitnessWhen I was growing up we didn’t have a ton of money.  Things were pretty tight.  My Mom and Dad worked tirelessly to make end meet and at times had to get pretty creative about it.  We had awesome presents at Christmas but they were wrapped in newspaper and placed under a poplar tree that Dad chopped down in the field.  And as tight as things were, my parents taught us that you didn’t need money to have awesome adventures, you could change your circumstances if you really wanted to, and that it’s important to always appreciate the value of a dollar.

One day after school I looked out the window to see my mom drive into the farm yard in our little tin can of a Plymouth Horizon with 2 big stereo speakers strapped on top.  At the time I did the ten year old version of WTF??  What the heck was Mom up to now?  Mom promptly marched into the house and proudly announced to us all that she was going to be a DJ.  She was going to get a bunch of music and hang out her shingle to play music at dances.  Back in those days the big thing was for communities to hold “Dine and Dances” where everyone within a 50 mile radius would come and drink and dance the night away.  And my mom wanted a piece of the action.  She bought cassette tapes and recorded about a million country and disco songs and went to work.  It was her way of earning some cash for the family.  And, it worked!  She soon got a reputation around the area for being a good DJ because she had a good ear for what songs people could dance to, and before long we were all heading out to dances on the weekend while mom earned some money.

She didn’t stop there either.  Over the years mom went on to be a security guard for the RCMP, a house painter, and a crop adjuster.  She wrote a “Safety in the Swine Barn” course for a local community college and became a very popular first aide instructor.  She was never afraid to take on a new venture if it meant bringing in a few bucks for the family and expanding her world of contacts.  The woman had balls.  (and still does!)

From that I have learned the value of personal empowerment.  Mom has taught me various lessons over the years, one of the biggest being the fact that we don’t have to sit around waiting for someone else to hand us an opportunity to better our situations.  She didn’t wait for someone to give her a job–jobs were scarce in those times.  She went out and created them for herself.

And that is one of the themes of MOMpreneur Fitness.  We’re going to talk about this a lot, but the nuts and bolts of it is–you have the power to create your own destiny.  If you don’t like where you are right now today, then you DO have the ability to change things. And this applies to all facets of your life–at home, your career, your fitness….everything!

I haven’t always been an entrepreneur.  Over the past few years some events in my life have made it so I couldn’t go to a traditional job. However, instead of sitting at home, wallowing in my self-pity–I did what my Mom would have done.  I got creative and figured out a few ways to make money from home.  I created a vision of what I wanted my future to look like–and then I got busy.

Which brings me back to the whole motivational speaking thing.  Thirty years after I told my Dad that I wanted to be a motivational speaker my dream is finally coming true.  Yes, I’m doing my speaking online, but I’m still doing it.  I plan on sharing a whole host of stories and lessons with you over the next thousand or so blog posts, so be sure to check back often.

Funny how life works eh.

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Cheers to your success!


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