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Have you ever looked around and wondered how the fit people do it? I have.  In fact, I used to see all these ripped and fit people and actually tell myself that people who were fit were just born that way.  They just had the right genes. They were the lucky ones.

fitness tipsAnd by telling myself that I was actually telling myself that I couldn’t do that.  I didn’t have the genes and I wasn’t that lucky, so I could never be fit or build muscles.  It could never happen.

I’m here to tell you, that type of thinking is wrong.  They aren’t lucky and they don’t necessarily have better genes than we do.  They just do things differently than we do.

Part of my goal with Mompreneur Fitness is to help share some fitness tips with all of you guys.  I have been on a fitness mission my whole life, and over the years I’ve learned a few things that have made it easier for me to succeed and stick with a good fitness program.  And these fitness tips aren’t based on genetics and they aren’t based on luck.  Some are based on mistakes I’ve made over the years, and personal lessons I’ve learned through a lot of hard work and inner reflection.  As I develop Mompreneur Fitness I’ll be sharing a number of tips and lessons about building a successful fitness program into your life.  Some of these will be in the form of recipes or food tips, some will be stories, and some will be more technical in nature.

There are a number of fitness tips out there that can make your fitness experience better.

I firmly believe that if we’re going to be successful in our quest to lose weight and get fit we must look at our entire life–the whole picture.  Often we focus on only one aspect of the weight loss journey and forget to look at all the other factors that our contributing to our struggle to keep it all together.  If we’re going to have long term success we must address ALL of the factors that play into this.  These factors can range from our diet, to our daily schedule to how we view ourselves, to things that happened in our childhood. There are a whole host of things that can be holding us back from achieving our goals and so it is imperative to address all of these issues so they don’t hinder our success down the road.

Check back to this page often as I’ll be adding content regularly!

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