Fallen off the Wagon? Get back on track!

Have You Fallen Off the Wagon?

Yeah, Christmas is a bugger eh.  The chocolates, the wine, the appetisers…did I mention the chocolates?  It can be a real caloric circus.  Between the dainties at the staff room and the chips at the neighborhood parties….it’s really a wonder we don’t gain MORE weight!  Hey, everyone’s doing it, everyone is diving head first into the cheese dip and nacho platter, so to say a polite ‘no thank you’ would be really no fun at all!!

fallen off the wagonBut seriously though, life is crazy at Christmas.  I’m a girl who thrives on structure and routine, so when the schedule is different, I just don’t function quite as well as I would, otherwise.  I like to eat the same kinds of things at the same time of day.  Shakeology in the morning, fruit and veggie juice later.  Give me some eggs and sweet potato and some veggies and I am a happy gal.

Oh, and did I mention that I love chocolate?

So, when I get a house full of company and the opportunity to indulge, I can often go hog wild.  Other years I have done…just that.  I have used Christmas as an excuse to have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I justified eating myself into a nacho platter induced coma because it was the holidays.

If this was you this past year, know that you aren’t alone.  There are likely hundreds of others out there who are also singing the song of self-regret because they too made love to the chocolate demon. They sold their souls to the Cheese Dip Devil and are paying the price as we speak.

The difference between you and them however, is that you can get back on track.  Just because you spent the last 30 days in an orgy of the taste buds, it doesn’t mean that you have to continue on that path for the next 30.  Just because you have fallen off the wagon today does not mean that you can’t get back on it tomorrow.

One thing that you can do when you have fallen off the wagon (or at any time) is to jump into a new activity.  Try something you’ve never done before.

fallen off the wagonTake for example…. me.  This year I got some $$ for Christmas so I treated myself to some snazzy little snowshoes.  I have wanted snowshoes for years so this year I bit the bullet and got some.  I am anxiously waiting for the weather to warm up slightly so I can hit the snow banks with a vengeance!

By adding some excitement to your workout regime you can rekindle your passion for not only exercising, but living! Discover that zest for life that you once had years ago.  Find joy in doing things that are simply put, fun! Try to incorporate as many adventures into your life as humanly possible!

Also, if you have well and truly fallen off the wagon, take a minute or two to develop your plan of attack.  Your plan should include making some meals that consist of clean food, nothing processed or artificial.  Get a few really good sweat busting workouts in as well.  This will make you feel way better and help you stay on track. Make sure your water intake is where it should be.  Flush out all that crap that you’ve been eating lately.

Here is a quick video that talks about how to get started if you have fallen off the wagon.

The small steps can often lead to the biggest journeys.  Just get started and you will feel better.

And finally, get rid of all the crap food in your house.  The only way you don’t have any reason to continue on the path of destruction.  If it isn’t there, you won’t eat it.  Still have left over dainties or extra bags of chips?  Give them to the neighbor’s kids.  You’ll be a friend for life, haha!

And finally, one great way to get started on the right foot is to clean all of the garbage and toxins out of your system.  Doing a “reset” can help clean your system out and help you lose weight fast.

Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset is a great way to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

lose weight fast

So, if you are at a point in your life where you don’t like how you look or feel, get started today!  If you are concerned about your health, do something about it today!  If you have fallen off the wagon hard, make a plan today to get fit and healthy.  The only way you are going to reach your goals is to take action.  Take action today!

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Cheers to creating your own destiny!

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